Peter Rhys-Evans Memorial Fund

In his final year Peter shared some of his key ambitions for Oracle Cancer Trust with the Board and we are committed to doing what we can to achieve these. He was particularly keen that Oracle operate and be seen as a national charity, helping to bring the community closer together through greater collaboration, addressing the growing inequalities facing patients and the clinical profession, fostering more exchange of best practice and opportunities for international cooperation, improving patient outcomes and raising awareness.  We are working on some key projects to deliver on these which we hope the Memorial Fund will allow us to fund.

Examples of memorial fund projects in Peter's name:

Peter Rhys-Evans Scholarship

Oracle Cancer Trust is delighted to announce a new scholarship scheme for senior Head and Neck Cancer Trainees who would benefit from financial support to attend international multidisciplinary Head and Neck cancer conferences.  The scholarship is being awarded in the name of Oracle’s Founder, the late Peter Rhys Evans, who was a strong advocate of greater diversity and participation in multidisciplinary and international best practice exchange.

Researcher working

Peter Rhys-Evans Fellowship

Oracle is currently in discussions to set up a new international Head and Neck Cancer Fellowship.  The aim of the Fellowship would be to provide training opportunities for international candidates (non-UK) seeking to sub-specialise in Head and Neck cancer to come to the UK from countries that do not offer the same range of training opportunities and treatment modalities.  This would promote more exchange, widen access, increase awareness and share best practice of UK Head and Neck cancer training in parts of the world where this may be more limited or constrained.

Knowing the risk factors may help you prevent head and neck cancer

Patient Experience and Awareness

We want to ensure everyone has the best chance of surviving head and neck cancer but there's a widening gap in access to the best treatments. Collaboration will be key to address the increasingly complex challenges across the UK; growing rates of late diagnosis, inequalities and lack of awareness. In 2023 Oracle is piloting a Financial Support Grant programme for patients in active treatment or newly diagnosed with Head and Neck cancer, to help with the expenses associated with cancer and hospital visits.