Financial Support

Financial Support

What support is available?

A cancer diagnosis can change your financial situation. It may mean you need to stop working, or work less. It can also mean spending more money on things like hospital parking. But depending on your situation, you may be able to get benefits or other financial support.

Why is cancer so expensive?

There are several factors which can make it a struggle financially when undergoing cancer treatment. Here are a few of the main reasons which can stretch your budget:

  • Time off work – if you or a loved one is undergoing treatment there is a high chance that you will need to take some time off work. This can mean a reduction in your income.
  • Transport costs – regular trips to hospitals can add up: parking costs, petrol, public transport tickets can stretch your budget.
  • Fuel Poverty – this means patients paying increased costs for heating in their homes. Patients will often feel the cold more than they normally would when undergoing treatment. Increased use of heating can increase the bills.
  • Medical costs – the majority of treatment will not require payment but there can be costs for additional medicines or treatments.

These are some of the factors which can put a strain on your finances and that in turn can make you stressed and anxious. There are lots of organisations which are able to offer support.

There is financial support available from the government here in the UK, and there are also organisations which can offer grants, free financial advise and budgeting help too.

We will give an overview of the help out there and links to their resources.

Benefits if you are unable to work

Non government advice and support

Facing a cancer diagnosis is stressful enough without money worries adding to the anxiety. If you are facing cancer make sure you take advantage of the resources that are out there to make sure you are getting everything that you are entitled to from the Government and other organisations.

We are continuously reviewing and updating our Help and Support section, if you received support from a group that you would like added to this page contact us here.