Bereavement Support

The reality of living with advanced Head and Neck cancer is that circumstances can change and escalate quickly. On top of that we often find it difficult to talk about death, how to prepare ourselves and our families for it. Oracle Cancer Trust has worked together with Debs Adams, the Education Lead from the Child Bereavement Support Charity Simon Says to deliver a webinar for parents, caregivers, family friends, teachers, youth workers or anyone else who wants to understand how they can help a child that has lost or will lose a significant person in their life to Head and Neck cancer.

There are a number of services across the country which support adults and/or children who have experienced bereavement.

For face to face support, you could contact

For over the phone advice and online support, there is:

For parents whose partner has died, there is:

For pre-bereavement support there is:

We are continuously reviewing and updating our Help and Support section, if you received support from a group that you would like added to this page contact