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Head and neck cancer is often called one of the forgotten cancers and receives £40 less research funding per patient than some other cancer types.  We urgently need your support so we can continue to fund new treatment discoveries for head and neck cancer.

If you have any problems making your donation please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by email or by calling us on 020 3875 8991.

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You can make a one-off or regular payment here. Also if you are eligible, don't forget you can also claim an additional 25p per £1 donated by adding Gift Aid.  If you are dedicating your donation please don't forget to include details.


Please make cheques payable to “Oracle Cancer Trust” and post to Oracle Cancer Trust, LOWE Works, Alexander House, 14-16 Peterborough Road, London SW6 3BN.

Donating in Memory

MemoryGiving is an online donation website where families can set up donation pages in memory of loved ones in partnership with funeral directors.  The advantage of using a service such as MemoryGiving is it offers a single collection point for in memory donations with the benefit that Gift Aid, where eligible, is automatically added to the donation. By claiming Gift Aid, the donation is increased by 25p in every £1 (eligible UK tax payers only).

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Oracle Head and Neck Cancer UK's mission is to improve Head and Neck Cancer patient quality of life and outcomes in the UK.