Here we outline many of the common side-effects from treatments for head and neck cancer. We have grouped these into:

Early Side-Effects

Side-effects experienced during treatment and in the months just after treatment, sometimes called the recovery period

Late Side-Effects

Side-effects that may occur from one year to many years in the future after treatment. Descriptions, patient reflections and recommendations

We have also included some reflections from patients that have undergone these treatments, who have also given some recommendations and advice on how they coped with pain and side-effects.

We have also collated a number of blogs kept by patients, and if you know of more, or would like to add your own to the list, please contact Oracle Voices. These blogs are varied in their approach and content, but all contain useful information and reflections on what it’s like to be a cancer patient.

Hazel Turner:
Anson Mackay:
Jon Organ:

You should be under no illusion that the treatment that you are about to go through will be tough, both on yourself and your family and / or carers. But equally, you will recover from the treatment, no matter how bad some days become, and you will find strength in yourself that you will get through this.

These pages will grow organically, and not yet fully comprehensive. if you have any further experiences or advice you found useful, but not covered, please do contact Oracle Voices