Oracle Friends

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Join the Oracle community and become an Oracle Friend by making a regular donation to the charity by setting up Direct Debit or by credit card

Who Are Oracle Friends?

Oracle Friends is a small but growing group of people making regular donations to help us fund more research. As a small charity, with no government support every gift is appreciated, but with the help of Oracle Friends, we can plan further into the future and speed up the search for kinder, more effective treatments.

If we had 500 Oracle Friends, we could fund a new PhD every year!

How will I stay up to date about where my donations are going?

All Oracle Friends have the incredible opportunity to meet researchers in person at small tours of laboratories. These informal, yet fascinating visits usually take place over lunchtime to make travel easier and our researchers love meeting people and sharing how they’re working to ensure more people survive head and neck cancer and thrive once they’ve rung their treatment bell.

Our growing research programme is spreading across England so we hope there would be a laboratory near you. Each year, we host a Research Evening in Central London and Oxford and we’d also love for members of your team to come along. It’s a fantastic chance to meet the people our research is dedicated to helping and hear from the researchers making it happen themselves.

We also send an annual update to all Oracle Friends, sharing news from our researchers and you’ll be the first to hear about new science being started too.

"We are pleased to support Oracle in a regular way to show how grateful we are for all their hard work and dedication to us, the lucky patients who put our lives in their hands"

Ian and Carole Kent-Robinson

head and neck cancer research team