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"The British Association of Head and Neck Oncology Nurses fostered links with Oracle in September 2022 after we were introduced to the charity CEO Tamara Kahn. Tamara shared the work of Oracle with our committee members through which we have become stakeholders promoting the work that the charity ensures amongst head and neck colleagues and head and neck patients themselves from around the United Kingdom.

We refer patients to the website for additional information and support and have provided patient stories for the website itself. Working with Oracle we are seeking to raise the profile of head and neck cancer, improving services and links and as a committee look forward to future collaboration."

Jo Greedy, Chair for Bahnon, August 2023

Cancer52 is an alliance of over 100 organisations, working together as the voice for rare and less common cancers. These are cancers which are often under-represented in services, policy and research. We want to address this inequality and improve outcomes for patients and their families. 


One Cancer Voice

One Cancer Voice is a coalition of over 40 leading cancer charities who collaborate on the issues and interests that affect all cancer patients, working across the sector to call for change. Our voice is stronger together. And together we want to make sure that all cancer patients get the care and support they need and deserve.    


HPV Coalition

The HPV Coalition launched in 2022 and is an expert advisory group of leading patient groups, professional groups, clinicians, and expert individuals who have come together to inform and advance the UK’s journey towards the elimination of HPV-related cancers.


Head & Neck Cancer Coalition

The Head and Neck Cancer Coalition is a group of 15 members comprising charities, support groups and healthcare associations who have come together to create one strong voice for all those affected by Head and Neck cancers in the UK. We are pooling our collective resources to raise awareness and create better understanding of all aspects of Head and Neck cancer.

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Cancer is a network of VCFSE organisations in the North East and North Cumbria who offer support for those who have been affected by a cancer diagnosis. All of the organisations who have chosen to be a part of this network care about people with cancer.

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Oracle Head and Neck Cancer UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (1142037). A company limited by guarantee. Registered company in England and Wales (7125497). Registered address: 80 Coombe Road, New Malden KT3 4QS