Our vision and strategy

Head and Neck cancers are the 4th most common type of cancer in the UK for men, the 8th most common overall and the 6th most common cancer in the world (circa 1.5million new diagnoses each year).   We see a significant number of Head and Neck cancers in our working age population in the UK and by 2030 the cases of Head and Neck Cancer in the World are expected to increase by 30%!

Our 5-year vision is that by 2027:

  • Head and Neck cancers and their symptoms will be more widely recognised;
  • The rates of late-stage diagnoses will show signs of levelling off and all key stakeholders will have a common plan we are collaboratively working towards;
  • We will have better data and will have made some visible progress in addressing the inequalities within Head and Neck cancers;
  • There will be more consistent and visible support for patients and their caregivers pre, during and post treatment;
  • There will be recognised resources and opportunities for knowledge and experience sharing to improve treatment options and quality of life outcomes for Head and Neck cancer patients.

How are we going to do this

We will do this and deliver on our 5-year vision by;

  • Raising and funding an additional £2m in new grants across our four pillars of focus.
  • Engaging with individuals and communities across the UK to make sure that they have the information they need at whatever stage and whenever they feel they need it.
  • Providing support and funding for projects that result in better data and improved patient outcomes for Head and Neck cancers
  • Promoting greater attention to quality of life outcomes support pre, during and post treatment for Head and Neck cancer patients
  • Supporting Patients and Caregivers by improving access to information, and creating opportunities to alleviate pressures within the NHS for Head and Neck cancer patients
  • Encouraging collaboration and best practice sharing across the Head and Neck cancer community.

We will ensure everyone has the best chance of surviving Head and Neck cancer