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Major Merger in UK’s Cancer Charity Sector

Oracle Cancer Trust and Head & Neck Cancer Foundation Unite as Oracle Head & Neck Cancer UK 17 May 2024: In a landmark move, two of the UK’s leading independent…

Sign away cancer

Sign Away Cancer

Preventing Cancer BEATS Curing It 80% of people will have a high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infection at some point in their lives. Most of the time HPV does not cause…

Picture of doctors

2024 ESTRO Scholarship Applications Now Open: Peter Rhys Evans Scholarship for Senior Head and Neck Cancer Trainees

The Oracle Cancer Trust Peter Rhys Evans Scholarship is available NOW and we are taking applications for attendance at the upcoming ESTRO Multidisciplinary Management of Head and Neck Oncology conference…

young girl receiving vaccine

HPV Vaccines: A Triumph in Cancer Prevention Unveiled by Scotland’s Cervical Cancer Report relevant for Head and Neck Cancer

In the ongoing battle against human papillomavirus (HPV) and its associated cancers, a recent report by Public Health Scotland has unveiled a monumental success story. The report, supported by the…

PHD researcher Leah Ambler in the lab

Paving the Way for Breakthroughs in Oral Cancer Research

In the relentless pursuit of advancing our understanding and treatment of Oral cancer, Oracle Cancer Trust played a pivotal role in funding a groundbreaking research project led by Leah Ambler,…

Caroline and Ann wearing Oracle TShirt wet, looking cold but happy at the beach

Brave Hearts Take the Plunge

On a crisp Boxing Day morning in Redcar, courageous sisters Caroline and Ann, decided to make a splash in the icy waters of the North Sea to raise crucial funds…

Tedstock logo with blurred out line up

Ed Vanson and Guy Randall strike a chord for good with #Tedstock

In the heart of our community, there are individuals whose passion and dedication shine like a beacon, illuminating the way for positive change. Ed Vanson, a local radio DJ, and…

Charleen Chan smiling into camera with lab coat on

Meet the Researcher: Charleen Chan

In 2023 Oracle Cancer Trust awarded Charleen Chan, Institute of Cancer Research, funding for her research project “Dynamics of T-cell-driven immune responses to radiotherapy and immunotherapy in a HPV16- positive…

Peter Papanastasiou handing over a cheque to his consultant at the Royal Marsden for Oracle Cancer Trust

Peter’s Passion: A Golf Tournament that Tees Up Charity Support

In the world of charitable endeavours, the spirit of giving often takes shape in diverse and creative forms. One such example of this philanthropic spirit is Peter Papanastasiou, an individual…