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Sign away cancer

Sign Away Cancer

By Kailey / March 25, 2024

Preventing Cancer BEATS Curing It 80% of people will have a high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infection at some point in their lives. Most of the time HPV does not cause…

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Healthpractitioner with Head and Neck cancer ribbon in hands

Oracle Cancer Trust’s Impact on International Head and Neck Cancer Day

By Barbara Fountain / October 2, 2023

In today’s digital age, social media has proven to be a powerful tool for raising awareness about important health issues and rallying support for crucial causes. On International Head and…

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Blue background with NHS logo

A Head and Neck cancer perspective on the NHS Workforce Strategy 2023

By Barbara Fountain / September 20, 2023

The 2023 NHS Workforce Strategy promises plans for a reinvigorated healthcare system in England. It aims to address a shortage of over 100,000 healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, promising…

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Financial support pilot programme

By tamara / August 21, 2023

The diagnosis of Head and Neck cancer can potentially have a large impact on the financial status of a patient and their family, costing families up to £600 more every…

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Breaking Bad News

By Barbara Fountain / July 29, 2023

At Oracle Cancer Trust, we understand that it’s tough for doctors and nurses to share difficult news with patients who have Head and Neck cancer. It’s important to be understanding,…

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man standing in front of mirror gently lifting his lips with his fingers to inspect his gums

The self-check that could save your life

By Barbara Fountain / July 27, 2023

Dr Elizabeth Marsh, Associate Professor in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Derby,explains how a simple self-screening check could help catch head and neck cancer early. Today (27…

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CRUK announces 2023 Manifesto for Cancer Research and Care

By tamara / May 13, 2023

Cancer Research UK recently presented their “Cancer in the UK: Overview report 2023” and with that launched it’s Manifesto for Cancer Research and Care. It sets out a vision that…

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The vital role of specialist Head and Neck Cancer Nurses

By tamara / May 12, 2023

At Oracle Cancer Trust we understand the crucial role specialist Head and Neck Cancer Nurses play in the lives of cancer patients. Marking International Nurses Day, we want to celebrate…

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Children and Young People’s perceptions and attitudes towards vaccines

By tamara / April 20, 2023

A survey titled “Young people’s attitudes towards vaccinations” was conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and funded by MSD UK. A total of 1584 pupils ages 11-16…

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Our vision and funding strategy to help head and neck cancer patients

Head and Neck Cancer UK – Patient Survey

By tamara / April 19, 2023

The Head and Neck Cancer Coalition, of which Oracle Cancer Trust is a founding member, recently published it’s first Head and Neck Cancer UK Patient Survey.   A new survey has…

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