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COVID-19 slowed us all down in 2020. But cancer doesn’t stop in a pandemic.

Between April and August last year, 350,000 fewer people than usual were referred due to suspected cancer the UK. At one point, referrals to cancer specialists dropped by over 70%. People delayed going to their GPs with symptoms and many missed out on getting an early diagnosis and prompt, expert treatment.

Around 12,000 are diagnosed with head and neck cancer a year but even now, almost a year since the pandemic began, we’re seeing far fewer people are receiving treatment in clinics. For some who delayed treatment in the first Lockdown it will be too late. But with your help, we can make sure more people beat head and neck cancer through the challenges of Lockdowns and beyond.

We’re raising funds to ensure more people get an early diagnosis and survive head and neck cancer.

Our Missing Cancer Patients Appeal aims to raise £100,000 so we can:

  • Raise awareness of head and neck cancer early symptoms and encourage people to seek help and advice quickly,
  • Fund researchers as they improve diagnostic tools
  • Fund researchers as they develop pioneering treatments such as radiation painting and immunotherapy that improve survival and help maintain quality of life after cancer.

Oracle’s work is more important than ever, and we need your help.

Please donate to the Missing Cancer Patients Appeal and spread the word about early symptoms of head and neck cancer.