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Oracle is proud to support the 8th Make Sense Campaign, a Europe-wide initiative to raise awareness and drive for earlier diagnosis

The focus of the 2020 week is around awareness about head and neck cancer, which is now the sixth most common cancer type in Europe.  With early diagnosis, head and neck cancer is one of the most curable cancer types however survival rates range from 25%-90% depending on when the cancer is diagnosed.

The Make Sense campaign is a unique initiative led by the European Head and Neck Society (EHNS). The EHNS is a multidisciplinary body that brings medical experts together from many disciplines, including head and neck cancer specialists, oral and plastic surgeons, radiation therapists, medical oncologists, imaging specialists and pathologists. The society also brings together other stakeholders, including speech therapists, cancer nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, social workers, basic scientists and patient organisations involved in any aspect of head and neck cancer.

An updated White Paper has been written which highlights the current priorities and issues with early diagnosis and treatment.

Through the Make Sense campaign, the EHNS aims to raise awareness of head and neck cancer symptoms and subsequently drive earlier presentation, diagnosis and referral.

To drive change for head and neck cancer patients in Europe, the organisers are calling on supporters to align with our five point plan of action:

  • Actively engage in prevention strategies for head and neck cancer
  • Support early diagnosis and referral to qualified healthcare professionals
  • Promote multidisciplinary care as a standardised best practice approach for patients across Europe
  • Advocate for highest standards of post-treatment care
  • Dedicate EU and national research and innovation funds to support further research on head and neck cancer
Early-Diagnosis-and-Referral infographic