Analysing new treatment options for Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC)

Full project title: Analysis of new therapeutic options for adenoid cystic carcinoma

Tag: New treatment

<strong>Tag:</strong> New treatment
Alexandra Rose
Alexandra Rose

Project type:
PhD Research

Project Leader:
Dr Amanda Swain
Professor Kevin Harrington

Alexandra Rose

Commencement date:
October 2016

Length of project:
4 years

Funding provided:

See above

The Institute of Cancer Research

The problem

New and improved therapies are urgently required for ACC, with the 15 year survival rate as low as 40%. One reason for this low rate is that ACC recurrence is common and often spreads to the lungs and perineural space, where the tumour develops chemotherapy resistance which significantly reduces treatment options.

The research
The future
Dr Amanda Swain
Dr Amanda Swain

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