Medical research charities face unprecedented falls in income due to #COVID19

Medical research charities throughout the UK are making heart-breaking decisions to cut research funding. Help by sending a pre-drafted email to the Prime Minister today to ask the Government to provide financial support for charity-funded #ResearchAtRisk.

Charity-funded research is desperately needed. Charities fund 60% of cancer research in the UK and over 40% of all medical research. It gives us hope. It gives us better quality of life. It gives us more time with our loved ones. It’s impossible to put a value on this.

Oracle Cancer Trust is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities. As a member, the quality of our research is guaranteed and provides assurance for our donors and people who benefit from the work we do.  Our aim is to make discoveries that matter most to people affected by head and neck cancer and without thought of profit. Charities like Oracle take the necessary risks to make vital breakthroughs happen.

Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on all medical research charities. The pandemic has disrupted clinical trials, put an end to mass fundraising events, and has forced some charities to make heart-breaking decisions to cut funding for research. Oracle Cancer Trust hasn’t reached this point yet, and we desperately want to avoid this happening as it would be future patients who will pay the price.

Since June last year, the Association of Medical Research Charities and its 153 charities have been campaigning for Government to step in and provide financial support. Despite acknowledging the vital role medical research charities play, Government are yet to provide funding for charity-funded research.

This is why we’re asking you, the Oracle family to help. Please send a pre-drafted email to the Prime Minister to urge Government to provide financial support now to protect medical research and patients.

Some may think this massive drop in funding won't make a difference, that pharmaceutical companies can fill the gap. But many of the world’s most successful treatments were discovered by researchers funded by medical research charities in the UK. We are the lifeblood of medical research in the UK. Collectively they have saved millions of lives. With backing from Government they can save millions more.

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