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Our Big Give Appeal reaches it's £15,000 target in just three days

We're delighted to share we've extended the matched fund so we can now double donations until we reach £20,000!

This fantastic opportunity has been made possible by a few very kind partners, including The John Wilkinson Face Cancer Charitable Trust. We're aiming to raise £100,000 in total by March 2021, so we can raise awareness and fund more research into more effective and humane treatments.
Former patients and Oracle supporters have been sharing their stories to support our "Missing Cancer Patients" Appeal this Christmas.  One supporter is Jane Wilkinson who's husband John passed away on Christmas Day 2019.
Says Jane, "I care about head and neck cancer because unfortunately, Christmas Day 2019, my wonderful husband John passed away. He suffered greatly for 3 years. He put up a great fight, he liked to call it a fight. He thought of his cancer as the enemy and he was pretty amazing.
"He underwent some pretty intense surgery to rebuild his face and after that, he decided that he needed to put some good back into something, to make something out of the terrible tragedy that had happened to him.
"I think early diagnosis is paramount, obviously in any cancer, any illness… But John was misdiagnosed. And unfortunately, for other family reasons he kept putting it to the back of his mind, didn’t go back and get a second opinion until it was too late. And when he did get a second opinion it was all guns blazing and we had to move quickly.
"What I've learned is you have to live in the moment, the past is gone and the future hasn’t even happened so there’s no point worrying about it. But what you can do is perhaps donate a little bit of your money, even if it’s just £10 (or if it’s £100 it would be even better) to help raise awareness, but to also help fund research that is going to help people in the future if they get this dreadful disease."